“personal diary”

This “diary” is being moved from the original alamocityreview, and will contain the “current updates” happening right now.  This diary begins at the beginning of may 2010, the day after my house is raided by the SAPD, “DART”(usually reserved for drug dealing and other high priority criminal activities as explained in the “Current Newspaper” articles),  and several other city agencies , with chanel 5 kens tv cameras rolling  with reporter Karen Grace!

Update March 24, 2015  I apologize for not updating this site, it was out of mind for a long time, as I have been dealing with the “domino effect” of what was done to me. I wanted so badly for this to run smoothly, but so much has happened to me. I really want to update and inform but due to my illness and situation getting much worse, its been difficult. As of March 2015 they (the city) is try to take my home of 46 years away for taxes, I have been living much like a recluse in fear of what more they will do to me. I am trying my best to survive, but Im alone. If you would like to help with anything,            you may purchase “My Neighbor My Stalker” and or please send any amount donation to Billy Joe Davis via paypal to williamdecade1@yahoo.com   where ever you are please be careful, be safe, and most of all be aware!


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