After spending over a decade maintaining many separate websites all at the same time, This particular website (if i can figure out how to use it well enough) may be the place where I redirect alamocityreview.com and billyjoedavis.com to one central location, for ease of use, easy information accessibility, etc  This will be broken up in to sections, for easier understanding etc.  If not everything will go to their original locations  for my  alamocityreview.com website and “life experience books” writing and so on.  thank you and have a good day.   Updated briefly March 2015,   If you would like to help,  please purchase any download by Billy Joe Davis at amazon and author page,                                here is a link to “My Neighbor My Stalker”

alamocityreview.com page contains a “short” version of the story

personal diary page contain the details and diary entries from the raid up to today

comments page contains  comments i received through email, telephone, and in person

corruption articles page contains  links about SAPD and COSA CORRUPTION

background page contains personal info about my life experiences/better understanding

billyjoedavis.com page contains info on current/upcoming “life experience” book series


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